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A good relationship is essential for our overall well-being and happiness. It provides a sense of love, support, and companionship that enriches our lives. A strong and healthy relationship can positively impact our mental and emotional health, boost our self-esteem, and improve our overall quality of life. It is also the key to successful parenting. A healthy relationship is built on strong communication, and this is where Relationshiptango can help. The Relationshiptango develops and deepens dialogue with your partner, while offering relaxed moments of togetherness, strengthening connection and sharing common experiences.

A Genuine Dialogue

Relationshiptango encourages you and your partner to communicate authentically, intuitively and clearly. This is based on simple, clear and progressively more challenging exercises that aim to strengthen your relationship and build trust. The exercises will help you to grow closer to each other, open doors to new experiences, choices and solutions, and increase sensitivity to each other's needs. New experiences create a new dialogue, and this new dialogue generates a new kind of interaction.

A Transformative Process

Relationshiptango is a transformative journey that allows partners to discover new aspects of themselves and their significant other. This dance form serves as a powerful tool for connecting on both physical and emotional levels. It requires being fully present and attentive, as well as embracing a true leader-follower dynamic where both partners have equal influence. RelationshipTango offers an innovative approach to addressing relationship challenges, encouraging partners to find solutions together, even in moments where physical contact may be limited. By dancing together, partners unlock hidden potential and foster interaction, trust, and intimacy.

Experiencing Flow

In Relationshiptango, couples explore the art of responding to each other's impulses and intentions in a positive and creative way. This dance form allows them to experience moments of magical flow as they move together. It requires both individual and joint balance, and through this, the dance becomes a shared and intimate experience that can constantly evolve and create new possibilities.

The Basic Elements

Relationshiptango is based on 9 fundamental elements: touch, trust, balance, intention, direction, commitment, flexibility, symmetry/asymmetry, and flow. Touch creates a connection between partners and allows for the expression of emotions. Trust provides the freedom to express oneself and dance with fluidity. Intention directs energy and creates a strong connection with the partner. Balance, commitment, and direction guide the dance and bring clarity. Flexibility allows for creativity, while symmetry and asymmetry add different dimensions to the dance. Moments of flow are filled with presence and make the dance a captivating experience. By exploring each of these elements individually, we learn to understand the building blocks of communication and how combining them creates a subtle, open, and flowing shared dance.

Your Own Dance

These exercises form the foundation of Relationshiptango. The roles of leader and follower blend together, creating an authentic and holistic dance experience. The goal is for couples to create their own unique dance, one that constantly evolves and shapes itself. A dance that transforms and influences both the dancers and their relationship with each other. Just as a successful relationship is constantly evolving, shaping individuals and their connection to each other.

Minna Tuovinen & Martin Heslop

We are choreographers, dancers, and teachers who have spent over 30 years working, creating, and living together. Throughout this time, we have dedicated countless hours to dancing together and have conducted numerous workshops and courses both in Finland and internationally, spreading the joy of dance.


Relationshiptango is for all types of couples. No previous dance experience is required.